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The DataScientest Studio

The R&D initiative by DataScientest

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects made real


The Studio

The Studio is the research and development unit developed by the DataScientest pedagogical team and carried out by the students of our training courses.

Data Scientists, Engineers and Analysts come together to implement deep learning algorithms, answering everyday problems with innovative and never-heard of solutions.

Our goal is to strive towards scientific excellence, to contribute to research applied to general cases, chosen and framed by our scientific committee. Specific and targeted, our "commando" project management method promotes the achievement of convincing results.

We specialise in deep learning and artificial intelligence, so as to join the technological revolution wave happening world wide.

Our team is performance and latter-day projects, to set the trends and break the norms of what is considered possible by computers.


Data Scientists

Thomas B. picture

Thomas B.

Maelys B. picture

Maelys B.

Sarah L. picture

Sarah L.

Gaspard G. picture

Gaspard G.

Data Analysts

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Emilie G.

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Raphael K.

Jeremy R. picture

Jeremy R.

Yohan C. picture

Yohan C.

Data Engineers

Anthony J. picture

Anthony J.

Seb S. picture

Seb S.

Dimitri C. picture

Dimitri C.

Dan C. picture

Dan C.


Roland B. picture

Roland B.

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Jules L.

Charles S. picture

Charles S.

Gilmar A. picture

Gilmar A.


Pauline L. picture

Pauline L.

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Nathan L.

Aurelia F. picture

Aurelia F.

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Morgane G.

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